The gazetted bush fire season commenced on 1 October 2021 and runs until 31 March 2022

Generally, fire permits will only be issued for a 24 hour period to dispose of dead livestock, however, you can apply for a permit with an exemption should the situation be urgent. Apply via our permit page.

  If you see smoke or fire diaI 000 immediately.



This section of our web site is a source of information for Brigade members and includes important dates, events and brigade news.

It will be regularly updated with information, activities and dates & times.

Of course – seeing you at the Shed on Wednesday nights is always a great opportunity to catch up.

People who live close by and even regular visitors to our area are invited to join the Brigade.  Training, usually held during winter, and consists of a 2 hour session on Friday night then all day Saturday and Sunday followed by approximately 6 weeks of theory, hands-on drills and equipment use, local area familiarity day and final assessment. 


Bush fires are a threat to all regional and urban fringe communities and Canyonleigh is no exception. We have a responsibility to ensure that our communities, neighbours and families are aware of, and responsible for, bush fire safety.

The Canyonleigh Bush Fire Brigade is made up of dedicated, well trained volunteers ready to assist the community without any reward or recognition.  Even though a serious bush fire has not erupted in the area for many years, the brigade has contained and extinguished many smaller fires that have had the potential to become major incidents.

Canyonleigh First Responders – a volunteer service essential for the community

Since 2011 the Canyonleigh First Responders (CFR) have attended over 200 call-outs to assist community members with medical assistance, including support for numerous air evacuations. They have attended calls in all weather, at all times of the day and night and have traversed dirt tracks and paddocks. As a community, Canyonleigh has a reliance on this essential service. Having a CFR unit within the community provides a sense of reassurance, knowing that trained help is close at hand during a medical emergency. 

The gazetted bush fire season in the Southern Highlands runs from 1 October until 31 March each year. However, should hazardous conditions prevail outside these times, fire bans can be extended.

During this time fires cannot be conducted without a fire permit. From 1 April until 30 September each year (or as advised by Council) local residents are permitted to burn without a fire permit, however, there are specific guidelines on what you can and can’t burn.

Canyonleigh’s Rural Bush Fire Brigade includes an experienced and dedicated upper echelon of Captains and Deputy Captains (past and present) together with a core of dedicated members. We have over 20 active members and a total membership in excess of 40 members.


If you live in an area close to the bush, you need to prepare your home. The 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme gives people living near the bush an additional way of being better prepared for bush fires.

The scheme allows people in a designated area to:

  • Clear trees on their property within 10 metres of a home, without seeking approval; and
  • Clear underlying vegetation such as shrubs (but not trees) on their property within 50 metres of a home, without seeking approval.

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